Along Came Betty Cosmetics!

Along Came Betty are a cosmetic company stocked in Tesco stores. The products are very reasonably prices with all these products costing £1.50-£2.50 each!

The brow kit has two colour tones for light or dark brows which is handy as you can mix them to get your perfect shade. It also has a wax and a powder to set the look. Plus a double ended brush with a brow comb and angled brush end. The setting powder is translucent but vet pale and as well as using it over my brows I used it as a highlighter above and below my brows; which works pretty well! The two shades are really good colours and with having blond hair I used the lighter colour over all to full in my brows and the darker one just to define the bottom edge of my eyebrows. The powder stayed put all day and I’m really impressed with the quality considering I usually use Mac and Benefit at 8 x the price!!

The bronzed also comes with a highlight powder which I used on the top of my cheek bones. I used the bronzed under my cheek bones to define them and just a little under my jawline to define in. The quality is really good, it blends well and looks smooth on unlike other cheep bronzers I have tried in the past.

The highlighter stick is good, however my skin is quite dry due to the cold weather at the moment and it did stick a little rather than blend in totally smooth. I used it above my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose and on my chin. I do like the results and am hoping when my skin is smoother it will work even better 🙂 And at £1.50 I’m not upset!

The lipstick I am using is Mac.

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