Question and Answers with Make Up Artist – Jade Lajer

Could you explain to everyone who you are and what you do please? 🙂
My name is Jade Lajer I am a freelance make up artist based in London.

What made you want to get into make up?
I’m not too sure why I got into make up. I’m creative and wanted to do something that would allow me to work in lots of different areas which make up allows me to do; as I do beauty, fashion and special fx make up.

What’s the coolest job you have worked on so far?
I have worked on quite a few cool things but the coolest was probably Biffy Clyros music video “Black Chandelier” where I did the special fx make up.

What style tips have you got for make up in 2014, what’s hot?!
For 2014 much like 2013 pastels are hot for the summer. I love that on the runway for s/s 2014 the models look glowing and natural with perhaps a bright lip. Natural always wins for me with a statement lip.

Trainers or shoes?
That’s a hard one! Ohhhhh I live in my DM’s so I’d have to say shoes. Well DM’s should have their own category of awesomeness 🙂

Sweet or savoury?
Savoury never tastes as good without something sweet to follow.

Is there anything coming up you want us to know about?
Keep an eye on the ban Amber Run for 2014 such talented boys that I worked with in 2013 doing Red Bull introducing for 2014 and I will be doing lots more work with them this year!

Pizza or sushi ?!
Sushi sushi sushi


What would be your dream job?
My dream job would be to be Lady Gaga’s personal make up artist! 🙂

Cats or dogs?

Finally what’s your make up essentials list?!
My essentials in my make up kit are my Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturiser, my Rimmel bronzer and no7 extravagant volume mascara, and my blusher by Rimmel.


Top image is Gordon Ramsey for The Observer, groomed by Jade.

See more examples of her work here.

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