MDM Flow

The Unisex Mode were lucky enough to get sent some pieces from the MDM Flow collection for Christmas but we are only getting our hands on them now!!

Everything from the name to the packaging screams style. This collection of multi coloured thick but silky lipsticks come in the shape of a gold encased bullet!

“MDMflow is an accumulation of all my obsessions, the colours black and gold, hip hop, beauty, fashion and science. As a self diagnosed beauty junkie I couldn’t find a beauty brand out there that represented my lifestyle and ideals. MDMflow is a post 90s brand influenced by the glamour associated with mid 90s–00s hip hop culture. All MDMflow lipsticks are handmade using the latest colour technology.”

Get your hands on one now!

No doubt we will be using these in our next shoots!

Shop them here.


Juice x

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