S!NK: A Photo Based Comic Book. 

BB Manik who is mainly known for his musical and photographic talents is venturing into story telling with his new project S!NK.

S!NK is a graphic novel using photography rather than illustration to tell a story. Combining some of the greatest devices of movie story-telling & the elements unique in comic books to create something truly original.

S!NK takes place in a modern day Britain where people with special abilities find themselves on both sides of the law. The protagonist is a man who starts as a criminal & slowly learns what it means to be a hero. Along the way, he’ll meet a host of underground characters. They’ll be portrayed by new faces, cult figures & some you might even recognise from movies such as Attack the Block & The Dark Knight.

The stars of the comic will be London socialites such as Arabella Drummond, James Edward Quaintance. As well as fashion brands such as Honour Over Glory, Lost Boys providing costume. 

In order to make this idea a reality BB has started a KICKSTARTER to raise the funds. You can also find out more about the project there.

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