Beyond: Two Souls – It isn’t new anymore but let’s talk about it anyway.

So I’m currently having a leisurely play through of Quantic Dream’s “Beyond: Two Souls” on PS3. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few months, it’s QD’s much anticipated follow up to Heavy Rain.

You predominantly play as Jodie (Ellen Page) – a troubled girl who is linked to a mysterious entity named Aiden. Cue ghostly poltergiest-style shenanigans from Aiden’s end – which sounds quite fun in theory, but in practice it falls slightly flat.

There are only a few controllable actions available throughout the game for Aiden, one of which is an awkward double joystick twiddle to try and route someone’s memories into Jodie – I think it’s one of the most irritating parts of the game. The whole thing is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster – though many people I’ve spoken to about it felt that it was all a little bland – I actually found myself having a small and awkward cry at some of the more emotional moments.

I love a challenge, I really do – but sometimes when you’ve worked a 40 hour week and you just want some chill time, it’s quite nice to coast through a game that doesn’t throw ten tons of stress at you every two seconds (I’m looking at you, Left4Dead). Don’t get me wrong, I love a challenge – but a relaxing jaunt through the stunning visuals of Beyond: Two Souls is sometimes exactly what I need.

And how can you not love Emo Jodie? Channeling everyone’s inner tartan clad, guitar slinging, room smashing teen rebel. If you haven’t already played this game (you probably have) then give it a go if you’re feeling lazy and in need of some Ellen-Willem goodness. Not all games have to be mental!

Soraya xx

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