Sneakbo x Kitty – Music Video Styling

Tujamo & Plastik Funk ft Sneakbo ‘Dr Who.’

So Sneakbo is one of the UK’s most promising rap/grime artists; with people like Drake championing him and even saying he inspired him to write his new album! And he has just jumped on a dance track that’s been buzzing around the clubs for a while.

The new single ’DR WHO“ has already been named by Zane Lowe as one of his ‘hottest records in the world right now.’ And here is the music video for the single which has literally just dropped; and I STYLED THE WHOLE THING! Yeah I’m a bit excited hence the caps locks.

As some of you might know I also do music and am a stylist; and I’ve styled my own music videos before; but this is the 1st whole music I have styled for someone else; and I’m so happy with how it turned out!!

Brands like Puma, Duck and Cover, 47 Brand, Klear Klutch, Dope, Supply and Demand, Other UK all feature in my styling.

I love this song; I hope you all like the video! Big thanks to Burning Reel who produced and directed the video, my girl Juice Gee who assisted me and Emilie Tongue who did the amazing make up!

Directed by Mike Tyler for Marisa Garner @ MGA
Produced by Callum Gordon
Edit, VFX , grade by Mike Tyler @ Burning Reel

Styling by Kitty Cowell, Assisted by Juice Gee
Make up by Emilie Tongue assisted by Alice

CAST: Calligraphy Artist: Yean Teo, Martial Artist: Aaron Gassor, Dancer: Eirini Devitt, Model: Jenny Fisher, Graphic Designer: Jack Edwards, Body Popper: Marvel, Graffiti Writer: Mez Ferguson

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