Want: White!

I’m having a lust moment. You know when you just suddenly want things, reeaal bad? I want everything WHITE!

It’s mixed with some real ‘needs’ as well though; practical lust items! For one I can’t find ANY of my headphones right now and these awesome HAPPY PLUGS look so yummy and luxurious in white.

Next is due to the awful British weather and my endless need for smart but practical clothing. I need a jacket to keep warm and dry in, but also look cool annnd smart in; and I’m pretty sure this Elvine jacket is the answer to my dreams!!

Elvine Jacket

Next up are these beautiful SAUCONY Women’s Jazz Originals. They aren’t all over white but more of a cream and green colour way but it’s close and I really like them. Saucony’s are so classic and comfy and I like sneaks that not everyone is wearing.

And last is this delish white Ralph Lauren cap at ASOS. Can’t fault a bit of Ralphy ever….!


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