Meet The Team: Shannan |

Firstly could you tell us who you are and what you do?
I’m Shannan (but online people probably know me better as shangry). I’m currently in my last year of Uni studying Forensic Psychology and I also do various jobs within this area. As well as being a contributor to The Unisex Mode alongside some of my favourite girls, I run my own blog Talk Casuals.

Why did you get into blogging?
Initially I got into blogging just because I wanted to write about things I liked and  document events I went to. It was more of a personal thing, and I actually never even thought it would be what it is today. Through my blog I’ve met some brilliant people, brands and even made life long friends. Talk Casuals posts revolve around my interests in trainers, streetwear and everything else that comes with it. Right now, I feel it’s providing a platform to help promote homegrown and up and coming brands, events, musicians, the lot! It’s basically just me blogging about things and people I appreciate/admire. So if you haven’t already go and have a read!

Do you think your style has changed over the past 2 years?
The short answer to this is definitely. I’ve always been into unisex fashion, and I’m massive fan of brands who endorse a gender blurring aesthetic, like Carhartt for example. I’ve always worn trainers, but only over the last 4/5 years did I see it as “collecting”. I’ve actually sold off a lot of my trainers and, over the last 2 years especially, I’ve tried to soften up my boyish style with accessories or bright lipstick etc.

What are your style tips for 2014?
Urmmm I wouldn’t say I’m your go to person for style tips to be honest. I’m usually just in whats comfortable. In fact, thats my style tip – don’t try too hard,  be comfortable and just wear what you want!

Does the recent explosion of street wear on the high street make you happy or angry?
It’s bless! People should be able to wear what they want and do what they want with their style. I reckon its a phase for some people and when the next thing comes along they’ll move with it. But, thats cool too! There’s no point being stuck to one ‘culture’; exploring your style is fun! Maybe I should take my own advice a bit more haha! The only annoying thing is everything is a little more expensive now 😛

Trainers or shoes?
There’s an occasion for everything, but on a day to day basis it’s trainers.

Spaghetti or noodles?

Dogs or cats?
Dogs always! (Cats are cute too though!)

What are your favourite pair of trainers?
Ahhh this is so hard for me! I reckon right now my favourite pair are my voltage yellow Huarache LE from 2004!

Could you tell us where we can find you on the Internet? And is there anything else you would like to share with us?
On Instagram I’m @shangry, Twitter @shangry_ and over on my blog and the Facebook page here.

The photo is of Shannan and her favourite piece from the Addidas Originals SS14 Press Day we attended last year.

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