Smart Casual Wish List for March

FjallRaven Kanken Bag in Graphite @ Street Casuals

There are lots of bright colours in these bags but I always think it’s cool to have a staple like black or graphite! (basically black hey?) these bags are super useful with rucksack straps or carry straps and come in big or small sizes.

PU Joggers by Boohoo

I really want a pair of these of similar because I constantly fight with smart or casual and if I can add a bit of lux to a casual outfit with leather style joggers I’m hoping that adds a touch of maturity to my otherwise usual street cas’ attire!

leather pants

Metallic Bomber again by Boohoo just adds a little gloss to a simple outfit and a casual silhouette.

The Hundreds Face Painter Jersey from Recreo

Just because I love The Hundreds and I love anything american sports style.

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