Girls in Gaming : Xbox vs Playstation vs Wii

Apparently, being savagely cold ridden is a good opportunity to get your nerd on.

So this week I have been under a relentless attack from the common cold. But my motto in life is every cloud has a silver lining… So I took it as a chance to game until my thumbs fell off.

I revisited some old classics, dipped in and out of a few of my favourites – Here are three of my cold cure picks!

Fable: The Lost Chapters: This game is ten years old yet it’s still an absolute timeless piece of perfection in my opinion. (I am still yet to get hold of the Anniversary edition, you will know when I have though!) Being able to choose whether you’re good or evil is a novelty that hasn’t worn off yet, even though I feel a bit guilty for being such an asshole all the time. The music is perfect, the humour is perfect – this is a game with UK heritage that makes me proud to be English, and that takes my mind off incessant snot rags.

The Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword: I haven’t picked up the Wii remote to have a bash on this for so long. There is a reason that I have the Triforce tattooed on me, and it’s because Zelda is ALWAYS an absolute happy machine! The way Nintendo have utilised the Wii remote to fit into the game and create a plethora of interactions is absolutely brilliant. You are guaranteed hours of enjoyment with this one, and even though my achey and pathetic little ill limbs were feeling a bit feeble, it didn’t stop me flailing like a panicked child to defeat all the enemies.

Tomb Raider (2013 prequel) – Having the cooties was not going to stop me revisiting Yamatai. The beauty of this excellent reboot is not only the breathtaking action but also the brilliant little puzzles that they dot about on the island. Playing as a young and naive Lara Croft, this story isn’t just one of adventure but one of survival. The beauty of playing this when you’re feeling a bit poop is that it’s largely cinematic, and even though much of this game is tense and action packed, you can still feel relaxed and leisurely whilst you play it. In a nutshell, if you set it to easy it isn’t too taxing on your ole adrenal glands. And like I said last week, sometimes you need to be lazy

Well that’s my three cold ridden picks for the week! It’s lurgy season, so next time you have man flu, use it to your advantage and get some game time in!

I’ll be less lazy next week, promise.

Soraya xoxo

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