Astroid Boys: a movement in music and style…

Welsh rap/hardcore group Astroid Boys have released their long awaited Bacon Dream record alongside a merch pack through Pinky Sware records.

The group have toured the UK and Europe promoting and honing their unique sound and live energy for the past few years; not only has their music style evolved but also their fashion style. The boys wear exactly what they want; they represent skate and streetwear to a core audience from a Punk Rock aesthetic to a Hip Hop vibe and their record release comes with their own custom sports socks. Any streetwear kid always like to show off their logo/printed socks making this bundle more valid than just music and their movement more than just about the songs.

Bundle info:

– A copy of Bacon Dream on 12” limited to 300 copies

– An additional preorder cover (Frazzles rip) handnumbered and limited to 50

– A pair of Astroid Boys crew socks limited to 30 pairs per colourway (white/black; white/pink; black/white; black/green)

– A unique photograph taken by the band, printed and authentically numbered and stamped

– A digital download of Bacon Dream + bonus tracks + Dellux’s brand new Untitled EP!

Minging / Sticky
Rinsa feat. Manga
Taylor Swift
Bada$$ (Bonus Track)
Minging [Dellux Remix] (Bonus Track)

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