Oki-Ni Hybrid Sneakers Focus Lookbook

The transition of sneakers from both the sports and street wear world into the high fashion realm has been fluid and concise and further more apparent over the past 18 months. This season sees a unique transformation into hybrids of sports, fashion and luxury footwear.

Set in an iridescent twilight zone created by Set Designer Andrew Stellitano and Photographer Sam Hofman, these special styles draw on the full spectrum of footwear design, occasionally bringing all the elements together within the same shoe. Creating an aesthetic set especially for Oki-Ni to showcase their range of Hybrids to the market.

View the full FOCUS to see shoe-in-shoe sneakers from adidas x Raf Simons, striking architectural forms from Rick Owens and luxurious running shoes from Lanvin.

Shop here http://www.oki-ni.com/selection/focus-hybrid-sneakers/

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