Jack Stocker Art

Jack Stocker is a young graphic designer and photograher with a big love for streetwear and sneakers, based in Brighton, UK. While at college studing art he decided to combine his hobies and loves to create a series of graphic art pieces based around sneakers and mixed with minimallistic art. The series ’ The Minimal Sneaker Study’ was picked up by UK streetwear blog The Daily Street, then Hypebeast and Highsnobiety which all started a domino like effect and Jack’s work was quickly being noticed by the industry!

Jack went on to be contacted by a member of the Nike UK PR team who hlped him put on an exhibition in central London in 2013. (read about that and see pics here).

Jack has since gone on to work with the likes of UK sneaker and streetwear chain Size? and American art collective and streetwear brand Staple which is his latest collaboration. Check out examples of the collection above and more of his work can be foud here.

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