Let The Right One In at the Apollo Theatre – Review

On Wednesday 23rd April I went to see the iconic, Swedish romantic horror Let The Right One In thanks to Vice. The play is well known previously as a film and originally a book penned in 2004 by John Ajvide Lindqvist. The story of a young boy who gets picked on at school and comes from a broken family and doesn’t really fit in, who meets his new neighbours; a vampire girl and her partner.

The set from roof to floor was a realistic woodland setting, and even before the play started characters were crossing back and forth across the forest, setting the scene.

The young vampire girl Eli had an impeccable stance in her character, her voice creepy, her movements awkward, which all helped lay the mood of this romantic horror.

They mixed acting with choreographed dance moves in a very modern and fitting style to the play which gave added drama to important scenes and made it an exciting play to watch as well as a good story to follow.

The Apollo Theatre looked beautiful and was back to full health after the recent renovation to the roof. The decor inside is classically gorgeous which makes the experience all the more fantastic. There was a half time break where we could walk round to the bar and have a seat while we enjoyed a beer or glass of wine, there was a happy friendly atmosphere in the air and the staff were delightfully helpful.

The actors were cast well, the play was erie and intriguing and entertaining and an all round great experience. I was worried I might not enjoy it as I’m not a big fan of horror but it’s not very scary, just jumpy and exciting! I firmly recommend going to see this play at the Apollo.


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