Foot Locker x Converse “Cross the line” Video

Converse release a new concept for the classic Chuck Taylor silhouette for Spring Summer 2014. The new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Band Sneaker is divided into two: a classic front and a newly designed bold back with fierce font and contrasting colour ways. The split represents the constant evolution of this classic sneaker and it’s its ongoing influences.

No matter your style or scene, the high and low top Converse Band Sneaker collection has a unique design to represent your fashion niche! In the new range, the front retains the simple, clean design that the Chuck Taylor All Star is known for, while the backs feature a variety of contrasting designs, such as vivid galaxy prints finished with bold accent colours, or snakeskin patterns combined with neon colour pops.

To help bring this collection to life, Zac Ella has created a fun video using split screen techniques, where the juxtaposing sides represent the varying attitudes and individual perspectives that the new Converse Band sneaker stands for. The video is fun young playful and current, and for me is the best representation of this design concept I have seen. Product shots don’t really do this sneaker justice but seeing them on the foot really changes the appeal. I love to see herritage brands growing with the times and switching up their design ideas; although simple is sometimes best! It’s great how ever to try something fresh.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Band Sneaker will launch on 28th April and will be available at Foot Locker stores throughout Europe priced from £49.99 – £54.99 (€69.99 -74.99) and is also available online at

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