Outfit Of The Day: Feeling like a Cartoon!

So today I received a HUGE package from the AMAZING people at Jump From Paper. Featuring 3 bags that look like cartoons but are real liiife! Opening the package was so much fun; the packaging is so cute and they are liking opening toys when you get them in those plastic sealed bags that you can re-seal; you know the ones you got stickers and pokemon cards in when you were a kid! BUT HUGE! Oh em gee, I love childish fashion items!

Each bag is flat but has a zip that opens it up to allow you ti fit more into it making them practical and cute! The rucksack just happened to go really well with todays outfit which are 2 gifts I recently was very kindly given which again just happen to match perfectly!

The two piece is from Illustrated People and the Puma Suedes are from JD Sports. Oh yeah and I’ve got some lilac in my hair now – I’m super colourful! 

Let’s go make some magic happen, cos in cartoons you can do what you want, right? Magic bag powers!

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