Outfit Of The Day wih Kitty and Juice: Monochrome and Metallics

Me and Juice like a lot of the stuff stuff, some times we turn up places in the same hat or in a sight variation of the same outfit by accident. We have decided to own this and will be trying out various twin like looks frm now on.

This set of images was shot by the wonderful Sara Sani. 

Here we were given the same tshirt by Picses London, and then the lovely peope at Pretty Little Thing asked us to choose some pieces from their store and we both chose simialr metallic heels! To top this off when Juice came over to mine to shoot this we were both wearing black leather skirts- that wasn’t even planned!

We both always wear out Stussy bucket hats so we figured we would roll with the same-ness and rock them too!

Pleather skirts – vintage.

Jess’s socks are from Muro Exe

Mine are Asos.

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