Your Tea: Tiny Tea 14 Day TEAtox

Your Tea is a herbal tea company creating different kinds of tea with different types of remedies. All of their unique tea blends are derived from Chinese Medicine principles and named to help you understand what kind of tea to drink and when.

The range includes Happy Tea, Energy Tea, Sleep tea, Hangover Tea, and many more including Tiny Tea which I have been kindly given to try out!

Tiny Tea us a 14 day TEAtox made from an organic blend to help nourish and cleanse your digestive system.

The directions are; Infuse the tea bag for 5-7 minutes and drink 30 minutes before or after eating twice a day.

The tea tastes nice, if you’re a fan of green tea or mint tea like myself I think you will get on well with the flavour.

I actually feel a lot healthier after drinking it, as if I’ve had some kind of health boost! I strongly recomend this is you have any problems with your diet. I usually drink green tea or mint tea to get the same effect but this is more specific!

Grab yours from

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