Levis SS14 at Style Creep illustrated by John Speed

Illustrator John Speed from @rebelyuth has selected and drawn his favourite pieces from the current Levi’s Vintage Clothing SS14 collection.

In a sketched graphic nature John has given a different view of the Levis collection which is a refreshing take on Spring Summer fashion for 2014. Being creative and displaying designs in a new light is a really intersting way to get people looking at a collection and I support the initiative the guys behind Levis and Style Creep have had to do this.

Shop the colelction at Style Creep here:

Vintage Batwing Tee

Crimped Leather Jacket

Bing Crosby Tuxedo Jacket

Postcard Print Shirt

Sawtooth Denim Shirt

505 Jean Customised ABE Shorts

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