Outfit Of The Day: Kitty & Juice in Patent Pastels

There are SO many ways to wear a unisex tshirt; baggy over jeans, leggings or skirts, as a dess, tucked into shorts/skirts or cut it up and customise the shape! This time we are wearng ours tucket into high waisted skirts and mixed up with girly styling to show you how unisex clothing can be seen in a fairly girly style but still with ou tomboy edge. Hope you like it!

Tees by Bear Swagger

Skirts by Pretty Little Thing


Juice – London Goods

Kitty – Beanie Babes


Kitty – Pretty Little Thing

Juice – Zatchels


Juice – Muro.Exe

Kitty – Lazy Oaf


Juice – Kickers

Kitty – Juju Jellies

Pictures by Sara Sani. Styling – Kitty & Juice @ The Unisex Mode

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