LCM SS15 Day 1

I’m at London Collections Men all week for Noctis Magazine and The Unisex Mode and this is a collection of images from the 1st day.

I went to see Mathew Miller and Lee Roach, as well as the collection rooms in Victoria House. I was ment to be at the ‘MAN’ show but they literally shut the doors on lots of people and started VERY promptly at 3 on the dot! Which was slightly annoying… But the show goes on!

Above you can find some backstage and show shots from Mathew Miller as well as the collection showcase rooms in Victoria House where I had my hair done by the lovely and awesome people at FUDGE Hair! I wish they could do my hair everyday!!! I will post show report links to my articles on Noctis once they are up so you guys can follow my journey! And keep your eyes peeled for some on here also.

I’m so excited for every show! Follow noctismagazine and theunisexmode

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