LCM SS15: KTZ at the Old Sorting Office

At 9 am on the second day of LCM SS15 KTZ previewed their Urban Warrior collection. Sat front row; ushered in by the amazing Kelly Cutrone from People’s Revolution we had an amazing view of one of the best collections to date.

A palette of orange, black and white inspired by Greek vases and layers upon layers of adornment and mesh made up the basis of collection.

“Like Perseus fighting the minotaur, today’s Urban Warriors are armed with technology and their battlefield is the street.”

Unisex styling, with see through panelling, matching pieces, and sports luxe style mesh made us weak at the knees. The only thing that could have made the show any better; would have been a female model or two, just to fill our need to see the collection on girls. But the casting selection of very well chosen male models made up for that!

Shop KTZ online –

Kitty & Juice ✌️

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