Motorcross Fashion: From Sport to Street

Motorsports have fluctuated into fashion shoots from time to time over the years but now a real street trend seems to be emerging. With other extreme sports like skateboarding, surfing and bmx infiltrating the streetwear fashion scene over the past 20 years it’s an easy transition for motocross to make too.
Marcelo Burlon’s epic motocross inspired show at Pitti this season saw live MX jumps and a totally MX inspired collection. Marc by Marc Jacobs released his AW14 MX inspired collection annnnd Jeremy Scott’s latest Adidas collaboration features MX inspired pieces too… It’s happening! But at the forefront of all of this is obviously ALPINESTARS.

Alpinestars is the leading tech motorsports brand in the world. From Formula 1 to Motorcross Alpinestars provide the best protection gear for extreme sports and can be seen splashed across every pro in the sports. Their heritage as a tech protection brand means that pro riders and drivers don’t want to wear any other protection gear for fear of it not holding up against Alpinestars durability and tested reputation.

Alongside their tech gear Alpinestars also have a lifestyle collection; or streetwear collection if you will. My favourite pieces from that are currently their long sleeves and jerseys.

Starting at around £25 they are also a hell of a lot cheaper than Marc Jacobs etc…

Buy Alpinestars from – and

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