Trapstar x Harvey Nichols Collection

Behold the Trapstar x Harvey Nichols lookbook shot by Damon Baker featuring model Ben Allen; a collaboration between urban, street wear brand Trapstar and a high end department store Harvey Nichols.

The 10 piece collection is recognised by its red line motif; a symbol that focuses primarily on two of the four elements, water and earth.
Each piece is uniquely designed as a hybrid of military and sportswear influences that reflect Trapstar’s heritage. Seen across teeshirts, sweatshirts and abstract print jeans the collection has stand out pieces that represent the brands move into a high end market including a black hooded cape.

Seeing the way this collection has been shot in mostly black and white on a sleek clean cut looking model; Trapstar are clearly trying to showcase another tier. Almost in the same way Nike has tiers with their quick-strikes and tier zero releases this collection will sit equally against those exclusive drops for the extensive streetwear heads as well as introducing Trapstar to a completely new customer.

Shop Trapstar here.

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