Kicks: Etonic is back with ‘Akeem The Dream’

Heritage basketball sneaker brand Etonic is making a come back with its classic silhouettes and vintage design, firstly showcasing: Akeem The Dream.

An underdog in the sneaker world for some years the Etonic brand was a big player back in the 80’s. This release sees a re-alliance with former NBA champion, Hakeem Olajuwon who led the Houston Rockets to back-to-back NBA championships and was a member of the United States Olympic gold medal winning team. He ended his career as the league’s all-time leader in blocks with 3,830 and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. With that in mind these sneakers hold a lot of heritage and any true basketball and sneaker fan should really dig that. The 80’s high top silhouette remind me of the kind of basketball sneakers my Pops used to put me in as a child, that retro design has been missing from the shelves for some years with the kind of attention to detail these Etonics have.

Designer D’Wayne Edwards is on board to develop the collection with Etonic, who is known as one of the youngest design directors in Nike history, contributing to the growth of ‘Jordan’ brand from a $300 Million business to more than a $1 Billion in nine years.

With a strong team behind them and retro classic design, the Etonic is sure to make a big comeback this season.

Set to be stocked in: Foot Patrol, Size? , Hanon, Well Gosh and Oi Polloi from 1st August 2014 in a unisex size breakdown.

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