Socks and Slides: Who’s Rocking Everlast?

Everyone’s doing it. Adidas is at an all time high when it comes to their socks and slides push, Nike is doing it pretty strong too. But who’s rocking Everlast socks and slides? Me!

I’m on holiday otherwise I haven’t rocked the trend yet. Juice has some dope slides, Nike ones and a lot of my friends have some great Adidas ones. I almost went in for the German brand myself as a classic but I decided in my mind if I could find Diadora ones or Kappa I would have grabbed those; then I saw Everlast. A heritage sports brand founded in 1910 and mainly known for their boxing affiliations, Everlast carry a retro feel with their design and branding literally as if they have never moved with the times. When you see the label you think of the past. I’m kind of into that right now, and I’m totally about reviving brands no one else is into.
So behold my Everlast socks and slides movement. It’s currently a one woman up heal. But there must be more of us out there? Share your pictures with me on social: @ theunisexmode on instagram and twitter. And hashtag #unisexflex And my personal accounts @ kittycowell


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