6 Of The Best Rucksacks

Check out my top picks of current rucksacks.

This is a very varied pick up backpack designs but I would wear every one! I guess this depicts how varied my style is in a way. But the SANRIO one if my ULTIMATE want right now! With my name being Kitty Hello Kitty is my fave brand ever but I try not to overdo it these days as I’m growing up. So the padded black subtle Hello Kitty rucksack keeps me feeling true to my style as well as chic!

I’m pretty much alwayysss wearing a rucksack! And if not a clutch – I’ll do a clutch round up sometime soon! But for now; backpacks galore, here ya go:

1 – £46 (roughly) Wildfang

2 – £55 Lazy Oaf

3 – £80 (roughly) Unif

4 – £350 Ashish x Topshop

5 – £40 Motel Rocks

6 – £40 (roughly) Sanrio

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