We Are Wildfang: The Wolfpack Collection.

Here’s the latest from Portland-based brand WILDFANG:  Taking inspiration from Kenzo’s iconic tiger design, the collection features Wildfang’s wolf embroidered and snarling across the ultimate tomboy must-have denim jacket, as well as sweatshirts, tees and tanks! The collection on the whole comprises of 9 pieces and radiates the whole ‘Tomboy’ story that WildFang are known for. 

 The collection was shot in the suburbs of London, and shot by the amazing Hayley Louisa Brown.

The first celebrity to champion this new collection has been none other than Ellie Goulding, who took to Instagram in the Scattered Pack Tank.

Shop the collection here: http://www.wildfang.com/lookbooks/rise-of-unruly.html

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