Gail’s Bakery: Bloggers Brunch

Gail’s Artisan Bakery kindly treated a selection of London bloggers to a Sunday morning brunch at their Exmouth Market bakery today; and I was lucky enough to be included. 

A 3 course menu alongside lots of nibbles, champaign, fruit infused water and pressed juices were presented to us inside their beautiful Exmouth Market space. I am not great with gluten, and the LOVELY team accommodated my vegetarian, gluten free diet fantastically with fresh fruit, yogurt with fruit puree, crustless quiche and an amazing dish called shakshuka that consisted of baked eggs, chopped tomato, garlic and feta cheese which I will definitely be recreating! 

It’s amazing to know that a ‘bakery’ can cater so well for gluten free diets. See more –

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