adidas Originals x SPEZIAL Film

The other night we had the absolute pleasure of being able to watch an amazing story shot for adidas and meet the team behind it.

The Spezial collection is a premium tier within the adidas Originals brand designed by long time three stripe team member Gary Aspden. The idea behind the collection came from the Spezial exhibition held in 2013 exhibiting collectors showpieces through the years. 

In order to design the collection to its best outing the team went out to South America to see a collectors shop for inspiration from old and never before seen silhouettes. It’s not only a captivating story for sneaker heads but generally is a gripping and emotional story shot incredibly well. 

For me the film bought me back to my days of outlet store shopping and cruising around the welsh valleys finding shops no one reached where trainers didn’t sell out to retrieve those hidden gems. Growing up around the valleys gave me that opportunity and now living in London I’m around a much bigger but still exciting sneaker scene. I can get things that never reach Wales. It swings in roundabouts!

My point is this film is rad and you need to press play… and then go and see the incredible collection here –

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