Outfit Of The Day: H&M Trend Collection

Me and Juice went shopping recently and popped into H&M as you do; where we came across their amazing Trend Collection Section; yes that does rhyme and I don’t mind it… I found this cheeky two piece hiding in the depths of mess surrounded by chaos – just waiting for me to unravel the realms of my wallet in order to purchase and wear it with pride. 

This knitted monochrome matching trousers and sweater are light wieght, comfortable and feature a turquoise and purple stripe band detail at the cuffs and waist. 

The whole outfit cost me about £60 and feels and looks like a lot more. The whole trend collection lends itself to the catwalk in a very impressive way. Clever prints matched with tailored and structured design create a lux feel throughout; shop online  at http://www.hm.com/

Worn with Quay sunglasses and Nike Air Max 90 Black / White trainers.

Pics by Juice Gee

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