KICKZ: Consignment Store Launch Party

During my trip to Berlin this week, I stumbled across some cool parties, following on from the SEEK/BRIGHT tradeshows I’d visited., a store I like to visit whenever I’m in Berlin, recently opened a consignment store on the trendy street ‘Torstrasse’. (Also home of No.74 and SOTO)

I managed to get there just in time to scoop up a couple of free beers and take some flicks. šŸ™‚

The store was in a nice big space, with white walls which made the space look even bigger. At the front of the store was displays of clothes from brands such as HUF and Thrasher, followed by a massive stack of the 25th edition of Sneakers Mag – a free copy to anyone that came!

Towards the middle of the store was a wall of hats in a clean display and then right at the back in a cool breeze block/concrete style wall was 2 walls of shoes (mens and womens). There were also some nice racks of Diamond and Staple clothing.

Downstairs was dedicated to the consignment section, sticking with the concrete style display. Unfortunately there was nothing in the way of womens kicks but the selection for men was sick!

I almost died when I saw Patta AM1’s for 3500 euros!!!

If you’re around there any time soon, it’s definitely worth a visit.

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