Outfit Of The Day: Sea of Blue

If you know me, you know I like to layer. Not in the fashionista sense with loads of shirts, smart coats and big scarves but in a more casual easy to wear day to day kinda vibe!My favourite type of weather is slightly cold but bright – the kind where you can wear winter jackets and sunglasses. 

I was recently given this hat, jacket and Pumas… so I wanted to show you guys how I’d style it!

I always love a good bargain, and I was so happy when I managed to pick up the Nike jumper and trousers for under £30 for both! 

 A ‘sporty stripe’ is something I’m obsessing over at the moment, because I love the way it can add a sporty touch to a look – whether it be casual or dress it up for a sports luxe feel! 

 My outfit: 

 Hat: Abandon Ship Apparel 

Jacket: We Moto Clothing

Tshirt: Hype ‘simpsons collection’ 

Jumper: Nike 

Trousers: Nike 

Socks: Monki 

Trainers: Puma States

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