The Evolution Of Visible Air by Nike

We are very excited to showcase these deconstructed Air Max images, in an evolution of air technology from the gods of air; Nike.

In 1987 Nike Air hit a high when it became more than a feeling. Nike designer Tinker Hatfield set out to make the breakthrough technology visible so runners could better understand its cushioning benefits. He created the Nike Air Max with Visible Air, which gave birth to a franchise that forever altered the course of sneakers.

The story of visible air didn’t begin with Hatfield’s design. Rather, it started when David Forland, Nike’s Director of Cushioning Innovation, joined the team in 1985. In many respects, Forland is the world’s foremost expert in visible air. He’s been focused on pushing the technology into unexplored new territories for the past 30 years.

“I remember the first blow-molded Air-Sole unit. We worked so hard on that and had noidea if people would embrace it. I was at an airport right around the time the first Air Max
sneaker launched. I was calling a tech in the lab when someone walked by wearing a
pair. I stared at him from the phone booth and said, ʻSomebody bought them. I see the
Air-Sole going up and down.ʼ It was a big risk, but bigger reward. For the Air Max family,
it’s only up from here.” – David Forland.”

From the original heal sole unit to full length air sole units the growth in air technology has seen both sports and fashion industries on the edge of their seats throughout the years. This deconstruction celebrates and explains the depth of power the air revolution has had and is still having today.

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