Outfit Of The Day: Nike #Techpack SS15

The Nike Tech Aeroshield Moto Cape and Windrunner jackets are made from durable lightweight materials to give you the up most protection and comfort against all the elements. 

Priced at £105 and £100 both jackets provide modern technology with breathable and protective qualities, alongside classic designs with contemporary twists and a premium feel. 

We are the generation who roll from the office to the gym, and then to dinner or an event. We are always on the go and we need stylish yet practical fashion to guide us through the day. Nike ‘Techpack’ collections are doing exactly that and are the most practical and sleek designs available to keep you dry, warm, cool and ‘cool’ if you know what I mean…!

As worn by me (Kitty), Juice and our good pal Maria Pizzeria and snapped by the effortlessly cool Henry Knock around our home turf of East London.

Shop the collection now at Nike.com

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