Japanese brand Evisu, a well known name from the 90s, have got an amazing selection of product for SS15.

Staying true to their roots with the iconic logo, they’ve put a modern spin on the collection to keep it fresh.

“Evisu are set to takeover with their nod to the Garage era in throwback pieces which includes the signature seagull back pocket logo denim, heavily branded outwear including satin bomber jackets and camouflaged wind breakers!”

I am in love with everything I’ve seen so far! I used to wear Evisu back in the day and I love garage – the perfect combination.

I’m excited to see what else Evisu is going to bring to the table this year – definitely a brand to keep an eye on.

My favorite pieces from the collection are the all over type print t-shirts – purely because they remind me of being 15, thinking i was cool wearing double denim with my collar flipped up on my jacket, and a matching denim Evisu print bag! ha ha good times.

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