Outfit Of the Day: Camo 3000

Camouflage never goes out of style, it’s timeless if you do it right!

Play it simple, unless you are verrry cool and can pull off double camo; a hard thing to do well. Also another tip I have about dressing this way is:

if you are going to go unisex / tomboy with it, get your legs out, or at least your ankles. It’s all about balance. baggy tops loog good with skinny bottoms or legs skirts / shorts. Tight tops can be worn with baggy bottoms to even out your shape and keep it slightly girly. But don’t get me wrong sometimes I just rock a tracksuit!

Get my look:

Jacket – Gumball 3000

Tee – Rebel 8

Shorts – Nikita

Socks – Nike

Trainers – Nike Germany Pack ‘Cammo’ Air Maxim

Pics by Curtis Jehsta

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