Outfit Of The Day: Parra – gliding

This outfit is my way of mixing urban streetwear and cute womens fashion in a laid back way. The colour choices are very unisex but the cut of my skirt is very girly with smart pleats and a modern houndstooth / check print. I mixed this with a Rockwell by Parra jumper to keep it smart but comfy and still feel edgy becuase of the brand. A Hello Kitty bucket hat, mixing the urban shape with a very girly print. Jordan’s becuase they are dope and keep me feeling street. And a classic leather jacket to bring it all together. Having my legs out with this outfit keeps the girly vibe and helps balance and otherwise uber tomboy look; which is also fine of-course. Just depends how you feel.

Jacket – Urban Outfitters

Hat – LeiMai

Jumper – Rockwell by Parra

Skirt – Pepe Jeans

Trainers – Jordan 6 Retro by Nike

Socks – Everlast

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