Kicks Cleaners: Which One Works?

We tried and tested the top 2 sneaker cleaners that help clean off all the dirt and grit from day to day wear and this is what we found…

Crep Protect

We found with Crep Protect, in keeping with its bright bold purple branding, the actual cleaning solution is the same color! The solution works well, but doesn’t foam that much, and the foam doesn’t last for that long – so you have to apply solution several times. 

It comes with two brushes though, one for during the cleaning and one to brush away excess afterwards, which is handy.

Jason Markk

The cleaning solution is clear and smells really nice surprisingly! The solution works really well, it foams up really quickly and produces a lot of foam as well, which means it lasts longer and you don’t have to use as much solution. 

Both of the products are effective, and worth giving a go yourself to make your own decision! Prior to this, I’ve always been a bit skeptical about using products on my kicks but i’m definitely a fan now. 🙂

Big love to the brands for letting us try their products out.

Photos by: Curtis Jehsta

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