Volcom Unveils “Real Life Happening”

A few days ago Volcom introduced the evolution of Volcom Brand Jeans with the launch of ‘Real Life Happening,” a campaign that questions modern technology’s interference with living an adventurous life. 

The inspiration for the campaign was inspired by Volcom’s newly redesigned denim collection, which embodies the ‘True To This’ movement. With a cleaner approach to timeless style, Volcom Brand Jeans are made for the pursuit of a Real Life Happening, featuring streamlined utility, high quality materials and several new functional characteristics inspired by two decades of life on the road. 

In celebration of the ‘Real Life Happening’ campaign Volcom produced a video that was shot throughout the United States over the course of 8 months, featuring indie-legends Run The Jewels and Kurt Vile alongside Volcom’s world- renowned skate team as they ‘climb through the windows of their consciousness’. 

Through this video, Volcom presents a clear vision of ‘Real Life Happening’ and it’s effort to remind people to get off their phones and do something.“To highlight this momentous occasion we wanted to create a video that captures the life we live but present it in a way that embodies the sometimes disorienting, modern social-savvy and screen-hungry world we’re immersed in”, explains Mike Aho, Volcom Global Creative Director. “We really want to reflect upon the way people communicate today and examine how that affects the act of living life.” 

Watch the video HERE

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