Food Review: Cutter & Squidge

Kitty and I both love to eat, me especially! So we have decided to start doing small reviews on new places we try. 

1. So that we can remember and go back if we like it
2. To show you food places in London you might not have been to before! 

On Friday we were shooting in Soho and we walked past a cute little desserts shop on Brewer St.

The window display was so beautifully set out and the cakes and treats they were selling looked sooooo good.

I’m not usually one for desserts but I had to go in and try because their stuff just looked so nice.

They’ve only been open 3 months but the place was busy the whole time we were there!

They have these amazing little things called biskies which is like in between a biscuit and a cake with loads of amazing flavours. 

They also have sick ice cream cups and cones with sauce that hardens over the ice cream. (Which is vanilla with salted caramel)
They have loads of flavours of cakes with generous portions and gluten free brownies to die for! 

They also have a nice selection of fresh juices and teas to wash it all down!

Definitely worth a visit.

I had a pistachio and berry biskie with the honeycomb and chocolate icecream, and kitty got the gluten free brownie with icecream! 🙂

I loved it… But it was definitely a case of “your eyes are bigger than your stomach!”

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