Lovebox Festival 2015 with Cat Festival Diaries

I had the pleasure of hitting up Lovebox Festival for the first time this year thanks to CAT Footwear who sent me and Chris McCrory. Jess had been out the country in France at Worldwide which you can read about here. 

Lovebox is in the heart of East London at Victoria Park with 12 stages, a skatepark, loads of food vendors and bars. Stand out highlights from the 2 days included the awesome Little Sims, my favourite Action Bronson and of course Snoop Dog! Jess made it just in time to see Snoop too so we both got a glimpse of the action!

I got to hang out with the lovely Confetti Crowd on day two as-well as Marriette Immaculate who is always a laugh! 

On day one I wore:

Top – This is a Love Song

Shorts – Nikita

Boots – CAT

On day two I wore:

Two Piece – New Look

Bini Top – This is a Love Song

Boots – CAT

I had so much fun, the sun was out for almost the whole time and being bale to go home after was a win!! I would deffo recommend both wearing CAT boots as the ground was very dusty and hitting Lovebox next time!!

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