Lazy Oaf Autumn Winter 15 Womenswear

Taking influence from vintage thrift stores, Lazy Oaf’s women’s colelction for AW lends shapes from your dad’s wardrobe. Oversized silhouettes with a tomboy influence are balanced with pastel tones and soft fabrics. 

Cute illustrations of-course play strong parts in the design as Lazy Oaf’s illustrated signature style states. A with a playful twist on sportswear is taken in the form of tongue in cheek motifs featuring ‘Not Very Active’ and ‘Lazy’ in bold capitals across tees and shirts. 

This collection is the perfect balance of girly meets tomboy; for me anyway. The girly colour-ways are met with loose shapes and and playful characteristics to keep you feeling like a girl but without having to wear a corset or tummy tuck pants!! Always good…

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