Outfit Of The Day: Publish Brand ‘Space Camp’

‘Space Camp’ is a capsule collection of tracksuits with 3M technology woven in to the fabric by American lifestyle brand ‘Publish Brand.’ Each tracksuit has a unique 3M pattern speckled throughout to enhance the futuristic look and feel of the garments. The seams of each piece are taped to streamline your movement while resisting liquids too.

We love 3M tech’ and are a fan of tracksuits as you might have noticed if you’ve read the blog before so this was a no brainer! As soon as we saw the collection on the press day it was like booooom “I want one” – ‘Yeah me too!”

We teamed up with our awesome mate Henry Knock who snapped these photos while we styled and posed. 

Tracksuits – Publish Brand

Kitty’s Kicks – Adidas Superstar Supercolour

Juice’s Hat – Only NYC

Juice’s Kicks – Asics x Naked Gel Lyt V ‘Hafnia

Girls can wear menswear too, as we always say and we hope you like our most recent example!

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