Dready is back with DJ Oneman

Who remember’s being a skater kid in the 90′s and wearing Dready clothes, or seeing other people wear them at least? I used to wear Burnies jeans and DC trainers, it was that era! An era we’re all fond of and it’s been getting a hell of a re-birth this year! The 90′s Grunge isn’t going anyhere…

Iconic 90s brand Dready made a welcome return earlier this year, sparking waves of fond nostalgia from fans who wore it back in the day. The first drop earlier this year featured artwork from the original artist Robert Sidlauskas and this time Dready have released a second drop of tees, enlisting the help of long-time fan of the brand DJ Oneman.

Available from:

Dready – http://www.dreadybrand.com/
Natterjacks – http://www.natterjacks.com/
Number Six – http://www.numbersixlondon.com/
The Priory – http://www.thepriorymenswear.co.uk/

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