Outfit Of The Day: Clear Skies, Clear Weather…

When you catch the skyline at the right time in London, in the right place it’s lush. (Pardon my welsh twang coming out there but lush is a great word!). 

We hung out around London Docks area one evening last week with our mate Henry Knock because we like exploring London, and the docks is such a new development it’s vast and so different to central London and we really like the change of scenery every so often.

Exploring different skylines is fun and also really creatively rewarding because we are always after a new backdrop for images. 

Below you can find the links of what we are wearing.

Kitty wears:

Hat – Kangol

Jacket – Kway at Selfridges

Scarf and Jumper – Izzue

Leggings – H & M

Socks – Stance

Trainers – ‘One O One’ by Clear Weather

Bag – Zatchels 

Juice wears:

Jacket – Kway at Selfridges

Hat and Jumper – Supra

Joggers – Supply and Demand

Trainers – ‘One O One’ by Clear Weather

Images by Henry Knock

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