Outfit Of The Day: DC chicks

Todays outfit goes out to the skate chicks we were in the 90′s who used to rock chunky DC skate shoes. Fats forward to 2014 and DC have evolved from the previously known stereotype to not just a technically great skate brand but also a street apparel and footwear brand. The new ‘Heathrow’ model hints at running shoes made more for a city landscape with soft and light materials and air lick cushioning in the sole.

We hit our beloved East London, Stratford to take some snaps.

Juice wears;

Jumper – Bench

Shorts – Topshop

Socks – This is Welcome

Trainers – DC

Kitty wears:

Tee – Lost in the world

Hoody – Lost in the wold x INDCSN

Jeans – Criminal Damage

Sunglasses – Marshal Amps

Trainers – DC

Pics by Liz Seabrook

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