HUF x Bronze 56k ‘Reflective Pack’

HUF have teamed up with NYC-based skate crew and hardware brand Bronze 56K on a limited-edition “Reflective Pack.” Reflective fashion has become somewhat popular with a lot of sports brands using the technology in running gear through to trainers. It’s interesting to see the skate world take on board this design element too.

Featuring a black-reflective theme throughout, highlights of the capsule include an unstructured Snapback, Reflective Track Pants, and a Packable Reflective Anorak that folds and tucks into a front kangaroo zipper pocket, transforming into a hip pack. Other styles include a reflective print tee, photo tee, hoodie, and co-branded socks.

Widely renowned for their lo-fi skate videos such as “Solo Jazz,” “Enron,” and “Trust,” Bronze embraces an aesthetic of late-90s / early millennium dial-up internet and cable television landscapes as a nod to the same cyber-age culture from which it was born.

The collection will be available in UK HUF stockists from Friday 25th September 2015.

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