Baby G x Sibling

BABY-G and SIBLING joined forces for the SS16 London Fashion week to launch a Limited Edition, 200 piece only watch. Following the success of the teaser collaboration at LFW AW15 in February, this iconic pairing is part of a year of exciting new projects for BABY-G as it marks its 21st Birthday.

This collaboration is a new take on the classic watch with a mixture of BABY-G’s bold style and SIBLING’s exciting, vibrant designs. Covered in a polka dot and leopard print motif this super cute collaboration is intrinsic to the aesthetics of both brands and bring a new dimension to the Sibling brand; accessories!

Being a fan of both brands it’s always nice when these kind of collaborations happen and when ever I see a Baby G it’s full of nostalgia from my youth; which isn’t a bad thing. Baby G’s relaunch in the past few years has been a gradual growth back into current culture and with collaborations like this it is firmly securing it’s credibility and place in todays market. Not just in the memories of our childhood!

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