Dazed x Nike Acronym Film

Dazed have partned with Nike to celebrate their latest collaboration with Berlin based design house ‘Acronym’ know mainly for their high tech lifestyle collections with a sportswear edge. The film explores the collaboration’s place within a metropolis where surveillance is the norm, championing the underground movements in a dystopian city. 

Today’s surveillance is self-imposed. It’s in our smartphones, webcams and the personal livestreams we beam out to the world from our laptops. Cutting through the digital noise to embrace the underground, Nike joins forces with the utilitarian Berlin-based label Acronym for a pairing that treads the line between the familiar and the unexpected, appropriating the iconic Air Force 1 design to create a new urban armour. In an age of self-promotion, sometimes the most meaningful rebellion is about finding your place in the shadows… A very interesting thought in this current era.

Directed by Rollo Jackson and music is by Joy Orbison and Boddika. The Acronym collection is available to buy now in select stores. 

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